About Us

Kenosis is a non-profit organization that aims to help individuals and families (impacted by drug addiction) experience freedom, hope and life.

Drug addiction is a chronic problem because continuous use of addictive drugs changes the brain function. Over time, the drug becomes the single most powerful motivator in the drug abuser’s existence, causing him to do almost anything to satisfy his addiction. Research has shown that many people with drug dependencies find it hard to quit on their own. Recovery is very difficult to accomplish alone. Even if they tried to stop on their own without assistance of anyone, very few are successful especially in achieving long-term abstinence.

Kenosis rehabilitation program will work well for the individual with drug addiction if he willingly desires recoverysubmits to the program, willing to get sober and surrender to God.

Kenosis rehabilitation is a faith-based recovery program with christian values. It offers a caring, supportive and disciplined environment to empower the drug dependent individuals  to live purposeful and drug-free lives.

Kenosis objectives :

– reach out primarily to individuals with drug abuse and addiction.

– provide a christian-based recovery program that enables residents to find freedom from addictive behaviors.

– provide christian nurturing and discipleship.

– provide aftercare services to those who have completed recovery program (graduates).