Caleb Lim

Caleb Lim

My name is Caleb and I come from a broken family in Penang. I grew up in an enviroment where I had learned to worship money as God. Making money and working hard and smart was all I tried to do. I started working in a night club as a waiter when I was 16 years old. Because I was a hardworking staff, I got promoted to be an assistant manager where I could easily earned up to RM15,000 per month. I was very proud of my achievements. I started taking drugs at my workplace as I had the money to afford those drug habits.

Four years later I was involved in a bad road accident . When I was lying in bed in the hospital after the operation, I began to reflect and question seriously on the meaning of life. I then realized that if I have all the money and material gains of the world, these will be meaningless if I loose my life.

A pastor visited and brought me to Kenosis Home. And it was there in the Home during my rehabilitation, I came to know about the saving grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ . Knowing Jesus is the greatest thing in my life now. I have completed my program fully with Kenosis Home in 2011 and I am now pursuing my diploma in BCM (Bible college of Malaysia). I am also serving in LBA (Life Builders Assembly ) church.

Prasie God for a new life in me !

~ Caleb ~

(We thank God for Caleb. He has completed his Diploma in Ministry and also Bachelor of Theology in Counselling and is currently serving fulltime as a youth pastor with the Chinese Lutheran Church in Kuala Lumpur. He is also pursuing further studies with Malayisa Baptist Theological Seminary.