Sponsor or Volunteer

Be a part of seeing lives transformed, families restored and communities impacted through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Be a PRAYER PARTNER – pray along with us and see lives change through the power of your prayers!
  • SPONSOR A RESIDENT STUDENT in any of our Homes (sponsors may contribute the full sum or part of it).
    The cost to care and house one student is RM1,500 per month which covers housing, medical care, food and skills training. We depend on sponsorship to help provide for their needs while they are in our 18-24 months residential program. Many of them come from the streets or just out of prison or homeless without any family support.
  • VOLUNTEER – see lives transformed by what you have to share !
  • Volunteer as a counsellor.
  • Volunteer as a Bible Study or Devotional group leader/teacher.
  • Whether it is teaching, mentoring, praying, ministering, or empowering them in some skills, our students need what you have to give!
  • Support our residents’ work projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.

At Kenosis Home, the residents are determined to live drug-free and productive lives. The following jobs are work projects to help our working phase residents earn a minimal income or make a living besides providing opportunities for them to discover potential skills. These residents work under the supervision of a committed team of Home leaders. Your support in their work projects will help them regain their self-worth and dignity :

1.     House or office moving
2.     Painting
3.     Renovation works
4.     Lorry transport services
5.     Trees-cutting

  • Contact our Work Projects Coordinator @ Kenosis Home.
    Mun Loong @ 017- 879 8669





  •      透过奖励来肯定我们的工作计划
  •      向人推荐我们的工作计划
  •      赞助我们的戒毒成员
  •      雇佣我们那些已经完成疗程的戒毒成员
  •      提供技能训练
  •       热心协助我们的戒毒成员
  •       为我们代祷