Kenosis Home was founded by three former drug addicts in May 2001. Having been through rehabilitation programs themselves, they believe that it is almost impossible for any drug dependant to be rehabilitated outside without proper help or a structured program. They came together believing that God has called them to establish Kenosis Home.

The word ‘Kenosis‘ (‘an emptying’ ) comes from the Greek term, ‘kenos’ or ‘kenoun’, which means ’empty’, or  ‘to empty’. Used by Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:7, the word refers to the ‘self-emptying’ of Christ in order to share human life and death :

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.’     – Philippians 2:5-8 (ESV) –

“As Jesus had given up His all for us, are we also willing to ’empty our all’ for Him?”

For some time that was the question that lingered in the minds of the three former addicts (Richard Lee, Bob Leong and Elvie Ho), who believed their rehabilitation would not be possible without the power, love and blessings from God through faith in the  Lord Jesus who had ’emptied’ and ‘humbled’ Himself, died upon the cross to save mankind.

The ‘self-emptying’ of Christ in Philippians 2:5-8, had inspired them to ponder on these questions, “Can we like Christ also empty our all?” and “How willing can we ‘kenoun’ ” ?

And having had experienced so abundantly of His love and saving grace and were miraculously freed from the bondages of drug addiction, they felt in their hearts the burden and call of God to establish a christian drug rehabilitation center in Kuala Lumpur. Their burdened hearts finally led them to start Kenosis Home which provides faith based rehabilitation programs for its male residents. The Home began to take shape slowly with help from other leaders of drug-rehabilitation centers.

Since the establishment of Kenosis in 2001, it has seen many drug dependants enrolled in its 24-month program. Today, many of those who had successfully rehabilitated or completed programs in Kenosis are fully integrated back to society, living responsible lives and serving as leaders of other rehab homes, church workers, pastors, businessmen or enrolled as students in Bible schools.


耶稣的门徒来自一群泛泛之辈。他们每个都不是完美的。但是却被呼召去行 奇妙的大事。同样地,这三名曾经是瘾君子的弟兄,他们被主的呼召,以他 们过去的经历去帮助那些沉溺在毒海的男性瘾君子。于是,就开始了这一间 非盈利的基督徒戒毒中心。

在客西马尼中心,甲洞一间基督徒戒毒中心的领袖协助之下,梁顺强、何诗增和李德兴牧师就在2001 年创立虚己之家。


吸毒确实是一件长期性的严重问题,尤其是在染上毒瘾之后,不断的吸取毒 品,会影响脑部的正常操作。而且,它甚至会导致吸毒者为了获取毒品而作 出种种疯狂的事情。研究也显示,几乎所有的瘾君子在没有经过适当的疗程 之下|而靠自己去戒毒,往往难于达到长久戒毒的效果。

以过路人的经历,虚己之家同工深深的了解到,真正有效的戒毒疗程, 是由一颗真实坚定的心志开始,那就是一颗建立在神的话语,并且愿意悔改 的心志,才能完全从毒瘾中得到释放。

因此,虚己之家提供一系列以信心为基础的戒毒疗程,间接地向戒毒 成员灌输基督教的价值观。同时营造一个关怀、支持和纪律的环境,帮助 他们可以重新开始一个自由,对社会有所贡献的生活。


在过去15年,约有1000名的吸毒者经过我们24个月的疗程计划后,大部分已 经重返社会。他们不但融入社会,且履行社会责任,并造福社会。在他们当中 有的成为戒毒中心的领袖、教会同工或是投身于商场,有者甚至前往神学院 进修。