Rainbow Hope

Rainbow Hope (2007)
(formerly known as Rainbow Womens Home)

– Home for the women drug dependants of designer drugs like ‘Syabu’, ‘Ice’,
‘Methaphetamine’, ‘Ketamine’ and esctasy pills.

Rainbow Hope is a house of restoration for women particularly those imprisoned by the bondages of addiction. Our mission is to journey with and empower women, that they may be restored in their identity, reconciled to God and with their families and reintegrated into society. Apart from the daily bible readings, prayer and worship, the students are actively involved in work projects such as cooking, baking cookies, sewing or making crafts –  one main craft being their ‘Rainbow Handmade Soap Project’. They have a great sense of achievement whenever someone purchases their handmades like soaps or new year cookies. This often motivates them to strive towards getting better, towards achieving excellence resulting in increased ownership in such projects. In this journey, it is imperative to take active steps to connect with family members of our students.

We believe strong family support is critical to the long term recovery of our students and we are constantly learning on how best to bring about reconciliation in relationships and restoration in their personhood. Be that as it may, the most crucial factor in bringing about the reconciliation, restoration and reintegration envisioned, is the GOD FACTOR – only God can enable true and lasting transformation. It is only when our students fully grasp and apply this truth, will they be truly changed….for life.