Nathalie Tan

Nathalie Tan

My name is Nathalie Tan York Hwa. When my parents were divorced, I was only 5 years old. I didn’t know how to love and didn’t know what love was all about. When I was 14 years old, I started taking drugs ( designer drugs). I was high on drugs, loved drinking, and did not how to love others. I often caused trouble to my family and friends.

When I was 19, I started to take ketamine ( a kind of designer drug) and was hooked on it for 5 years. It was like “ hell on earth” for those years I was on drugs ! My health deteriorated. I had a very serious gastric problem, and I was bleeding too. I had urination problem and had to go to the loo very often. I lost hope, lost many friends and thought I was going to die.

My mom took me to a christian drug rehab center called Rainbow Women’s Home which I had to undergo one year’s rehabilitation program. It was at the Home that I came to know a powerful person called Jesus who gave me new life, hope and joy. He was the One who healed my disease and gave me a healthy body. After I had graduated from Rainbow and 5 years later I felt called to serve God in a women’s ministry in the church. I am thankful that I had experienced Jesus’ love and am now able to love myself and others too.

In the past I  was in bondage to sin but now I thank God that I have Jesus to help and walk with me. He did not forsake me, but gave me new life. He will also give me the grace and strength to walk through every circumstances that I face in life. I hope this will encourage my friends (myself also) that if we commit our lives to Jesus, He will give joy, peace and hope for the future. Let us come and learn more about Him. God bless you.

~ Nathalie Tan ~
(Nathalie Tan was affectionately called  ‘Wah Looi’ by her friends. Her life was nearly destroyed by designer drugs . She is now serving and actively invovled in a church women’s ministry. She was a graduate of Rainbow Women’s Home and has obtained a Certificate In Grassroots Ministries from Jubilee Initiative Malaysia ).